Full line of brand new equipment, friendly and helpful staff. It’s great to see so much thought, effort, and investment by locals for locals. Northern Equipment has “changed the landscape” of rental options for N. Kitsap. Great Job!

Don Stevens

These guys always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction. Prices are fair and the equipment is maintained. They are responsive and follow up when need be. I will recommend them without hesitation.

Jonathan Lee

Vaughn recommended an electrical tool that allowed me to chisel out the annoying parquet flooring in the home I just bought, so my installers could have a blank slate to install my new flooring. (saved me thousands in labor by doing it myself). His recommendation made the job so much easier. Thank you for your great customer service!
Bill McDonald

These guys have what I need when I need it at a good rate. I appreciate them.

Trina Grant

I just relocated to the area and am remodeling my home. I have dealt with all sorts of businesses from roofing, cabinet makers, paint stores, carpenters, lumber yards, septic – the list goes on and on and includes another tool rental business in the Kingston area. The folks at Northern are the most professional and personable of the lot. They are informative and they provide tools that are well maintained, reliable and work as instructed. I am a satisfied permanent customer.

TR Branch

Excellent friendly service and they even credited me money back when they didn’t have to. A+ People!!!!

Adrian Watkins

Great service. Von & Kerry run a very clean shop and from the moment I walked in I could tell they took care of their equipment. They are very knowledgeable and Von told me everything I need to know about operating the ditch-witch I rented. I will be using them again.

Alfred Boston

Exceptional service from a very knowledgable and friendly staff. Best rental experience I’ve had here in Kitsap County.

Jeremy Beason

Northern Equipment is a valued and respected member of the Poulsbo business community.

Mark W. Costa

Friendliest bunch in town. If you need it, they probably have it. Exceptional service.

Roger Hammond

Best prices around along with the people who run the place, a stand up company!
Shayna Bagley

A senior lady, I needed a tall ladder to hang a stained glass piece in a high window, and to do it alone. I talked it over with Jerry and we settled on an extension ladder that I would pick up the next day. When I went by to pick it up, Jerry said he had thought a bit more about it after we hung up, and thought a Little Giant positioned parallel to the wall would be both easier and stabler for someone working alone. He rented it to me for the same as the extension ladder and loaded me up. He was absolutely spot on about how well that ladder would work out. The project went smoothly and comfortably. I had been a tiny bit worried anticipating being high on a ladder without a spotter, but “needs be.” Jerry helped make it work out safely for me, and I am beyond grateful for his thoughtfulness. I am grateful too for having found Northern. (I am also darn glad to have that project completed.) A company and staff person who do business this way is a rare gift! I recommend them highly!
Patte W.

Northern provides great service, competitive pricing, and is a pleasure to do business with! Their word is golden!
Greg George